Versatile Wand

Versatile Wand is a wireless device which traces movements in air on the computer screen. The main components used in the versatile wand are the accelerometer, microcontroller and X-bee. The accelerometer is used to sense the movement of the wand by measuring its acceleration in x, y & z-axis. These analog values of acceleration are given as an input to the microcontroller. The microcontroller converts these analog values into 10-bit digital values and sends it to the receiver serially. This is done wirelessly using X-bee module .The Versatile Wand uses two X-bee modules, one at the transmitter and the other at the receiver. Thus using wireless data transmission the data is received at the receiver which is connected to the computer. This data is given to the computer serially using the serial port. Computer accepts this data, processes it and uses it to trace it on the computer screen.

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