SMS based device switching and status monitoring

The aim of this project is to control i.e. to ON/OFF the electrical or electronic appliances connected to this system from anywhere in the world. For this purpose user can use any type of Mobile. This way it overcomes the limited range of infrared and radio remote controls.

Using the convenience of SMS, this project lets you remotely control equipment by sending plain text messages, such as "abcdn1", "abcdnaf3", "abcdf57n142"– all of which can be pre-programmed into the controller and easily remembered later. It can control up to eight external devices.

Short Message Service (SMS) is defined as a text-based service that enables up to 160 characters to be sent from one mobile phone to another. In a similar vein to email, messages are stored and forwarded at an SMS centre, allowing messages to be retrieved later if you are not immediately available to receive them. Unlike voice calls, SMS messages travel over the mobile network’s low-speed control channel.

"Texting", as its also known, is a fast and convenient way of communicating. In fact, SMS has taken on a life of its own, spawning a whole new shorthand language that’s rapidly being adopted as the norm.

Many industries have been quick to make use of this technology, with millions of handsets currently in use. As new models with "must have" features hit the market, older models become virtually worthless and if not recycled, end up in landfill. With this in mind, we’ve designed the project to work with 3310 & 3315 Nokia models.

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