My Achievements

Attached is my portfolio in pdf format.


  1. Honored J.R.D TATA scholarship

  2. Honored SIR DORABJI TATA scholarship For Academic Brilliance
    and for Standing Third all over Maharashtra State
    in Final Year Diploma in Industrial Electronics.


National level Robo race

1st prize in India ( National Level)

Open Hardware Competition( SMS based Device Switching and status monitoring)

1st prize State level

IEEE RAIT autonomous robotics competition

1st prize

IEEE SAKEC(shah and anchor) engineering marathon 2009

1st prize in India ( National Level)

IEEE SAKEC(shah and anchor) engineering marathon 2010

1st prize in India( National Level)

IEEE SAKEC(shah and anchor) open hardware project competition 2009 (Wheel chair for Handicapped)

1st prize in India ( National Level)

Praxis 2009 livewire ( on the spot hardware design)

1st prize

Praxis 2008 livewire ( on the spot hardware design competition )

1st prize

IEEE technical paper presentation 2010 ( DNA chips )

3rd prize

IEEE technical paper presentation 2010 ( 3 Ti RAM )

3rd prize

Praxis 2009 level 3 autonomous robotics

1st prize

ISTE VESIT open hardware 2010

1st prize

ISTE VESIT technical paper presentation ( Asynchronous VLSI Technology)

1st prize

ISTE VESIT open hardware 2009

1st prize

ISTE VESIT on the spot hardware

3rd prize

Pillais College ( on the spot Hardware Design Competition)

2nd prize

VESIT Praxis 2010 Open hardware competition ( Automatic Vehicle speed limiting )

1st prize

VESIT Praxis 2009 Open hardware competition ( Robotic hand )

2nd prize

VESIT Praxis 2010 Open hardware competition ( GSM based Industrial Automation)

1st prize

Word art in utsav 2010

2nd prize

Actice member in social service group “Arham yuva group” from past 6 years where we help all needy people for education, hospital operations, food grains and awarded for collecting maximum funds

1st prize


I have presented Five Research Papers in National Conference and

Topics of published papers are

  1. Asynchronous VLSI technology and design of an asynchronous core for digital watermarking of videos.

  1. Virtualization

  2. Sleepy SRAM

  3. Swarm intelligence

  4. Gecko-stick


Company: Powerlink Systems

Employment: 6 months

2 months (1st june 2008 to 30july 2008)

2 months (1st june 2007 to 30july2007)

2 months (1st june 2006 to 30july2006)

Occupation: Designed devices like Temperature controllers, Water level controller, Digital counters, Digital timers, D.C. drives, A.C. drives, Control panel of machines, Thermo couple wire, Magnetic micro polisher, Thyristor controllers.

City: Mumbai

Country: India


I have been voluntarily teaching all subjects from many years to my friends after college and during exams as my understanding of concepts is very good and I always believe in helping others. While teaching others my understanding of the subject becomes powerful as I first study the topic then teach the topic several times to friends. Thus my concepts have become very good and I have got in depth knowledge of Engineering.


  1. Technical and Management Head of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) where we organize events for our juniors. Events like Industrial Visit, debates, group discussions, Photoshop workshop, Robotics workshop, Eagle layout editor workshop, Quiz, Placement Week, Ad making, Open hardware contest, on the spot hardware event and many more events. I have played a key role for overall development of the society.

  2. Active Member of ARHAM YUVA GROUP which is an NGO and we do social services for needy people for serving humanity. We help financially or through other needs like food medicines, organize blood donation, health checkup camps for free, funds for students who cannot afford education etc. We have been working for last 6 years and every year our organization is expanding and achieving more success.

  3. Management head of UTSAV festival which is a cultural festival. Organized whole festival for the year 2009.

  4. Head of Open Hardware competition for last 3 years in PRAXIS which is an intercollegiate festival.

  5. Have been in forefront in many other events where my contribution helped a lot. Other events like Drama, Skit play, Industrial Visit, Sports and many other activities.

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