Name:  Yash Doshi

Age: 23 years

About Me:

I am currently pursing my Masters at University of Southern California.
Web Development, Computer Networks, Graphics and Robotics are my interest areas.

After completing my Undergradute studies in Electronics from VESIT, Mumbai University I worked as Intern for Powerlink Systems and ThinkLabs, IIT Bombay.
In my masters I have completed some interesting courses full of great projects.
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I am an extremely passionate person who lives life by defining goals.
I have a clear objective that I want to be an integral part of the elite group of innovators and contribute to this revolutionizing technology of Web Development
as it finds its applications in control and monitor of various small or large systems like air-planes, satellites, railroads, cars, telecommunication networks, entertainment industry, health sector and robots.

I realize from my visualization that there would be 4 basic steps for me to achieve my final frontier.
Firstly, a diploma course in Electronics followed by a bachelor’s program to make the foundations of Electronics Engineering strong and a
post graduate program from University of Southern California will explore me to all the practical hardware and software facets of Web and Software Development.
After Successfully Completing these Steps I have a strong conviction that an opportunity to
work in your Company will help me to cherish my long awaited dream of being a part of this revolution to enhance ‘LIFE’.


I love to think and brainstorm on new ideas, reading Tech blogs, Photography is my Passion.
Love experimenting and implementing new things and as Tech guy, I love to explore Technology

Programming languages: C, C++, Visualbasic, Microsoft Visual Studio, JAVA basics. HDLs: Verilog, VHDL

Web Technologies: HTML5, PHP, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript, XML/XSL, DOM, MySQL, Backbone.js, Require.js, Node.js

Tools: Matlab, Cadence Virtuoso, ModelSim, AVR studio, Eagle, ProteusVSM, Pspice, Xilinx, Opnet, Wireshark, NetBeans

API & IDE's: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Corel Draw, Dreamweaver

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, MAC.

Attached is my portfolio in pdf format.